Building the dream in San Luis Obispo California & coming home to Deer Park Illinois

beach in Carmel California

(Carmel Beach in California)

I just arrived back home in Deer Park Illinois from an awesome college visiting trip with my 3 boys to California.   I am working on improving the process of passing down to my children what I have learned  through my years of experience in my careers including my 11 years as a Real Estate Agent.   Setting goals with visualization.   What better way than to take a trip for information and to build their dreams and set goals?  

I have 3 children at Harper Community College in Palatine (Great School).  My 2 oldest have chose Mechanical Engineering as their major and are looking to transfer next year.   California is one of my favorite places in the world  and has  many Engineering schools. We started in San Jose at the University then Santa Clara,  Monterey, a quick stop at  Leguna Seca Racetrack  (watched Ferraris Race, more dream building) and worked our way down to Santa Barbara (what a beautiful campus) then off to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.   Cal Poly is the number one choice for them, we visited  some labs, spoke to some of the undergraduates and professors  and they were sold.   The dream is born….A move to California is on the horizon.   I am sure I will find some friends in the Real Estate business to help me out with the move.

All they want to do all day is improve any moving vehicle around.   They have rebuilt and improved/customized a handful of cars &  motorcycles.   They were not excited about our garden so they designed and built a hydroponic garden like at  Disney World in my Deer Park Backyard (I will  write a post about it someday soon and post a video).   All we have to  do now is get them accepted to Cal Poly.  

The  goal is  set so we are on our way.  

Northern/Central California  is so beautiful but coming home to Deer ParkBarrington Area is  still a welcome change.    Barrington and Deer Park  area has  so many  trees and green everywhere, not many tourists and we missed Panera Bread.   Instead of the sound of the ocean we have the sounds of our wildlife (crickets, frogs,  local birds).    Traveling is a great way to appreciate everything you have at home and in your  own  backyard.

Leguna Seca Recreation AreaLeguna Seca Racetrack

(Leguna Seca Recreation Area and Racetrack)


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