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This is a post for Buyer Real Estate Agents, Seller Real Estate Agents, Buyers and Sellers.   I just arrived back from Austin Texas, I was at a Mega Agent (6 million or more in production a year) and Agent Mastermind.   Gary Keller talked about his awesome new book Shift which talks about how to  “shift” with the market.   We have to constantly learn and improve and faster than the competition.   There are  also 11 other  things we need to do to stay at the top of our game and in the business.   Contact me for information or go online to order a copy at Millionaire Systems

Gary Keller is also touring the country this year and teaching about the shift which is open to any real estate agent.   Contact me for more details.

The agents that attended were not just from Keller Williams but from many companies all there for the same reason, to learn and keep up with what is happening in the market.   Gary Keller is a master at putting it all together and giving us a clear path of what needs to be done.   Either do what we need to do for ourselves and our clients or get out is my interpretation.   Keep moving forward.   The mastermind sessions are packed with new ideas from agents from Canada and the US, Dave Jenks and master faculty.   Everyone shares because we are all in this together and that is the culture of Keller Williams.   Anything we can learn to benefit our buyers and sellers is important.  

There are many buyers real estate agents and sellers real estate agents to choose from. Over a million in the US are left and have not dropped out.   When choosing an agent to represent you in your purchase or sale of a home, I would recommend choosing a real estate  agent that feels it is important to keep up with the market and business.   Many agents feel they have been in the business long enough and they don’t  need to learn anything else.   Our laws and market are constantly changing, we cannot as  real estate agents keep up by reading the papers (sometimes it is their version of the truth of what is happening:))   Attending seminars and conventions have so many benefits, one is networking which could someday benefit our buyers or sellers by referring to and from agents we meet.    Knowledge – is power – to help us in representing you on your purchase or sale of a home.   All of the tips and tricks we learn about internet marketing, negotiating and servicing our clients.   When we get an offer on your home or present one for you on a home, don’t you want us to have  more knowledge and skill  than the other agent?

For experienced representation for you (buyers or sellers) or your clients (agents), from a team with current knowledge of the market we would be honored to help you.

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Posted By:   Julie Anne – The Julie Anne Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Success Realty

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