Northern IL Real Estate Agents- Why do some real estate agents take one, two and more weeks to return calls to clients?

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Our teamhas been working on re-listing expired and cancelled real estate listings.   What we are finding is that home sellers/real estate clients need more and quicker communication from their real estate agent.   Our real estate team strives  and does a great job at returning calls, emails  and other communication in a very timely fashion.  

We always ask what was your favorite and least favorite thing about your last real estate agent.   What these sellers have shared with us is that 95% of the time their agent took 1 week or more to return calls and emails and that sometimes they never communicated back to them at all.   Many have told us that their real estate agent really didn’t talk to them about reducing the price of their home, some maybe once over a years listing time.   In this real estate market and any I feel that being the professionals we are, it is part of our job to be responsive and educate our clients on what is going on in the real estate world precisely theirs.   Sometimes I don’t like my profession,  like when I have to  share with  a home seller that they need to  reduce their price knowing their financial situation is not very good.   We are helping them by being straight with them about how the current real estate market effects the sale price of their home, it should not be swept under the rug.

Communication is the key to a good relationship, be it personal or business.   The  real estate marketis hard enough on us and our clients, this is one area that is easily improved.   I  have been so surprised at the responses from the home sellers.  

Expired and cancelled real estate listings have been pretty easy to get with of course a price reduction and most of the time a higher commission rate than the last real estate agent.      

The seminars and books I have  been reading stress… be more service orientated, more educated and be at the top of our game.   Our real estate team is constantly plugging  into  current education be it in our office, locally or nationally.    Many  of our webinars and seminars  are open to all agents, not only Keller Williams Agents.   If you are interested in listening in, let me know and I can make arrangements for you to attend.

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Posted By:   Julie Anne – The Julie Anne Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Success Realty

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