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I just arrived from a week long trip to Los Angeles for Peak Potentials Guerrilla Business School.   There were attendees from many countries and walks of life.   Our speakers are at the top of their fields including of course T.  Harv Ecker, the founder  and owner of Peak Potentials and many other businesses, Bill Bartmann, Christine Camaford wrote “Rules for Renegades”, Chet Holmes “The  Ultimate Sales Machine”, Clinton Swaine “Frontier Trainings”, Alex Mandossian, Keith Cunningham, Kieron  from Peak Potentials and more.  

They all had so much knowledge and information to share about business in todays world and economy.   All of the information was useful for my real estate team and our business.

We heard over and over again that  there are two economies, the rest and ours.    Be it  in our personal life or business, we have to get our minds  in the right place, find our niche and move forward. Many of us have to find new niches.   There are so many people in need today, we just need to find out how to help them and find a way to make a profit doing it.   We can all play a part in bringing the economy back to where it should be.  

We should learn from the negative things around us and move on without looking back.   We cannot move forward looking back.

For businesses our marketing cannot stop, though it needs some transformation.   Many of the speakers went thoroughly into marketing online and off, with so many  valuable ideas.

They taught about how to be most effective with setting goals (promises are better), driving leads to our businesses (the least expensive ways), business models, business ideas and opportunities, how to get your mind to think positive when any change occurs, accounting and analyzing businesses, how the stimulus package effects everyone, how to hire and who, how to build a team atmosphere in your business, negotiating skills and the list goes on.   I have been to many trainings and this was the best I have attended.   We role played, practiced and participated in everything we learned.

Personally as a real estate agent with a team.   I had the opportunity to network with over a thousand like minded professionals from all over the world.   Right now in our Northern Illinois Real Estate market, finding buyers that are not sitting on the fence waiting for a better opportunity is difficult.   I met real estate investor after real estate investor from other countries that are investing in property in the US, they see the value and are taking advantage of our real estate market.   I  am honored to help them with their search for property for sale in  Northern Illinois.  

If you would like to discuss this seminar with me don’t hesitate to contact me.   I can also send you a link directly to the site.

I am always striving to stay on top of what is happening in the real estate world by attending seminars, trainings and event like this one.   It is a commitment of time and money from me, but I feel the value is worth more to my clients, family  and people I meet along the way.

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