Selling Real Estate and Latin Dancing. Are they similar? I think so.

Latin Dance

How did this blog come about?   Following one of my passions…Latin Dancing.   Yes I am a full time real estate broker helping people with thier real estate needs everyday, but for my hobby I am learning to latin dance.   Then a friend  asked “What are the similarities between the two? Maybe you should write a blog about it.”   Hmmm!   Here it is:

I have been thinking about this for about a week now  and Friday night while dancing at Club 94 in Wheeling with my friend/instructor Kenny, it hit me (I missed a step or two while thinking, sorry Kenny 🙁 ).  

I must start out by saying that I really…really…really…enjoy dancing. It is a great escape from the sadness I see in the real estate market on a daily basis.   For  sellers I can either not help or I help them decide what is the best  path to take of all the sad choices they have.   Or working with a bank on a short sale for months then finding that they will not approve of the sale.    Don’t get me wrong, my career is very fulfiillng to me and there are happy times, helping people everyday and knowing that I do my best and come to the table with alot of knowledge & experience.   And every day is  different and presents new challenges for me and my real estate team.    

 Some similarities while dancing and with real estate are that  I realize that I am setting goals weekly as to what I want to learn, always striving to improve, perfecting my skills, meeting new people, working as a team, helping others while  others are helping me.   Every  time I meet with someone new  for real estate it  is like a new dance partner, sometimes we can help eachother, some are more fun than others, some we learn more from than others, skills levels and style (personality) are always different, there is always a leader and a follow, there are usually some bumps in the road or road blocks, we learn with every dance/deal, sometimes we can’t wait for it to be over or for the next time,  sometimes we want to do it again and sometimes never again.

I hope your day  is as awesome as mine 😉

Julie Anne

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