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A peaceful time in Venice  

A peaceful time in Venice, people are so different there.

The best way to help, understand or relate to anyone in business or in our personal lives is to meet them where they are first.   All of us are in a different place and have experienced different journeys through life.   When we look at others problems, situations or actions instead of judging them and thinking about what we would  do, we have to take a look at where they are coming from.

Everyday I meet people in business (Real Estate) and socially.   I am a giver by nature and always want to help others.   Help to every person is different.   Some of the home buyers and home sellers I meet just need someone to tell them they are on the right path from someone that has experience or knowledge of what they are going through at the time.   I have to also remember that most of the home buyers and home sellers are really scared of what they are going through.   Be it buying thier first home, selling their first home, taking a huge loss on their home, buying or selling on their own after a loss of some sort (divorce or death in the family).     This is to many one of the biggest investments/events in their lifetime, I do this everyday and many of them don’t.

I have also come across many real estate agents in the real estate business that are totally stressed out and downright rude.   At our first encounter I start to get a little frustrated with them, then I have to step back and figure out where they are coming from.   Many real estate agents have no business or deals in the pipeline and need at all costs  get the  deal we are working on to go through.   Or they are so on edge that they are  nasty about everything, I don’t call back quick enough, they hate everyone including clients, attorneys, the business, home inspectors  etc.   I do my best to take alot in one ear and out the other as they are so up and down.  

This real estate business is an emotional roller coaster and it used to be just because of deals closing or not or late etc.   But now everyone is emotional including the real estate agents, home buyers, home sellers, attorneys everyone.   I have a peace within myself knowing that I will help everyone I can with heart. Sometimes it will not be a smooth ride but I along with my team will do the best job we can and treat others the way we wanted to be treated.

The way I am in business is also the way I am in my personal life everything carries through to both areas.   Everyone I meet has the benefit of me looking at them and what they see through their eyes.   That way there is less judgement and so much more understanding and appreciation for others.

 It is a great life!

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Posted By:   Julie Anne – The Julie Anne Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Success Realty

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