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How to deal with the fact you are losing your home.   Well, I am not an expert at this…or maybe I am to some extent. I  have some insight because of my experience with so many people I come in contact with on a daily basis facing this.   Emotionally this is devastating to many and it is part my job to help people out in navigating through these hard times.   Looking to the end of the tunnel is in my opinion the easiest way to cope.   Looking back at what we had or thought we would have does not serve any of us well.   Letting the past go and looking to our future is where the peace lies in knowing we are doing the right thing and on the right path.   There are bumps in the road for everyone and none of us are immune to them, it is how we deal with them that make™s us who we are.

Putting our egos aside and knowing that many people are in the same place is comforting to many.   When I speak with my real estate clients, I remind them of this often.     Many times tempers flare and it is not the person™s intention to be the way they are being but actions and words caused by the stress, overwhelm, helplessness and negativity they are feeling.    

Being a real estate agent at this time is so much more challenging but rewarding as I feel I can help so many people get through their situations a little easier and with a clearer mind.   We look at the paths they can take and then I help them to choose the right one for them with the least amount of impact to their well being and finances.   Many people losing their homes are not aware of the choices they have and just give up, there may be a better answer for them.     I am convinced that my path will cross those that I am supposed to help.


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Posted By:   Julie Anne – The Julie Anne Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Success Realty

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