Northern Illinois Real Estate – Monday Mornings as a Realtor.

short sale in Elgin  

 Monday morning and here we go¦

I already have 25 items on my list of things to do.   100 emails to go through and the phone starts ringing starting at 8am.   I plan my Mondays on Sunday night.   This should organize my day but everything changes before I even wake up.

The world is changing everyday and so why do I even think for a moment that things won™t change in my Real Estate Business.   Oh that™s right, that is what I love about this business.   I like change, it keeps me going and growing every day.     The constant changes keep me interested and challenged on a daily basis.

Real Estate is a cyclical business and here it is almost the last quarter of the year.   Time to re-organize, reset goals, reset priorities and change again.       I am stepping it up until the end of the year.   Looking back at the year so far, I have learned and accomplished so much personally and for my business.       Important people in my life have showed up that are a big part of who I have become, who I am being and are shaping my real estate business.  

Some of the focus for me will be again¦   Building relationships and connections as they are the core of everything.   They bring happiness and great business.    Also technology is a hot button for me as I am so intrigued by it and can™t learn enough about it fast enough.   Working with distressed home sellers will be my third focus as it is fulfilling to me to help people and impact lives in a positive way.   The last would be using the law of attraction with having more fun and attracting more good things including business into my life.

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