Northern Illinois Real Estate – How I fit Working Out/Socializing into my Real Estate Agent Schedule.

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How did I fit in my exercise routine into my Real Estate Agent Schedule and not miss a beat with lead generating?   For anyone not in the real estate business or familiar with  the terms,  this would mean how did I mix business and pleasure without sacrificing my income.

I used to run/walk/bike/run the dog/spin at the YMCA/Take Zumba classes/Use Step Aerobics DVDs and more 4 to 5 days a week.   Being fit has always been important to me.  

After a change in my life, I realized, along with my friend Tyler that  I needed more Fun in my life.   I kept thinking “if I have more fun then I will be taking time away from my real estate businessand I can’t do that”!   “There is just no time”!     My friend Tyler told me to “go out and dance and do what I love and the business will follow”!   Well  he was right!   I started Latin Dancing for a lot of hours a week because  I love it!   How many hours?   Oh between 10 and 15 hours.   Latin dancing is very fast and burns many calories an hour.   So now I have stopped my exercise routine, started sleeping in until 7 or 8, I stay up   past midnight, meet so many great people, build my business, I am having fun  and I am in the best shape I have been in in years.

If you are facing the same thing as I have, find a sport or hobby that will keep you in shape and do what I did.   If you are looking to start dancing in the northwest suburbs of Chicago or Chicago, give me a call and I  can help you.  Good luck!

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