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It is cold in Deer Park

It is cold in Deer Park Illinois today

 Another day  in  my life as  a Realtor in 2010.  

Blog Group meeting this morning at 7am at our Keller Williams Realty office in Barrington?   7am is an early morning for me being that I am staying up at least until 1am now with my new social activities…latin dancing.   This keeps me up late a few nights a week, having fun, relieving stress, making new friends and spending time with my dance partners.   Working late is no problem for me as my brain works great at midnight and later now and I am so productive.   It is hard to fall asleep before 2.

What started out as a  real estate blog group has become a very intimate, friendship based time together with great friends.   We support  each other  in ways we didn’t think were possible, get a little blogging done as  you are reading a post now, and we build our friendship.   The friendships I have with Tyler, Mary, Deb and Pat are invaluable to me and I feel blessed to have them in my life.   Our  posts started out  being  more about real estate topics with keywords and hyper-links, but now…well you can see they have changed.    

Sometimes in  life opportunities show up that turn into something you didn’t expect and are exactly what they are supposed to be for you at the time.   Our group is just that.   Not at all what I expected but so happy it turned out the way it did.   I hope I can give back to the group all they have given me.

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