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I have been hearing clear the mind and open the space alot lately.   What does it mean?   Slowing down the thoughts in your mind organizing them and letting in and thinking about what really matters.   Ok that is my own opinion.   So many around me including my friends, associates, family and clients are downsizing and selling the big house and buying a smaller one or just reducing the square footage they live in.   The reason being for most is that they are simplifying their lives.   How?    By lowering their expenses and work to keep up the house they are living in, cutting out all the worry and hassle around  owning it.   What is  really important in your life?

I am personally going through this clearing of the mind and opening the space myself.   For me maybe it is the economy, maybe because so many around me are or maybe it is an almost 50 thing or almost empty nest thing  ;-(   Two of my three  children are moving out this year to  go to school.    The house is too big, the expenses too high, there is too much work involved in taking care of it.   Simplifying  my life right now and focusing on what matters most  is the key to success this year. For me that would  include spending more time with family and friends.    Doing activities I love like dancing, playing golf, selling real estate (yes working), reading, volunteering, investing in real estate, going to events,  listening to music, walking and traveling.    So this big house for now needs to go.  

I am starting to see a clear picture of my near future now.   It looks brighter than ever.

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Posted By:   Julie Anne – The Julie Anne Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Success Realty

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