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Dover Pond Subdivision Deer Park IL

Dover Pond Subdivision Deer Park IL

The economy is effecting everyone in one way or another. Some are profiting from it and most are in financial distress from it. This includes the Real Estate Market and the overall economy.  Some of the quotes I am reading and hearing are “you get what you focus on”, “We create our own economy”, “there is profit and success to achieve in this economy and we just have to find it” and so on… So many are so positive including myself while be immersed in so much negative and despair. There is so much suffering around us but all we can control is ourselves and our thoughts. A friend said stay positive and trust that everything will work out the way it is supposed to, put your goals out there and trust that the universe will provide what is needed.
Now is the time to learn and grow from all our experiences good and bad. We learn from our mistakes and take our new knowledge into the future to help us make better decisions down the road. Maybe the mistakes that are made are not mistakes but part of the path we are supposed to be on. This is life and I was just reminded again to smell the roses along the way. Don’t be so focused on the big goal or the big why, slow down and enjoy life and everyone around me.
Now is a time to become great at change, re-route our course quickly and reset goals as our lives lead us. Now I don’t think is a time to set your goals and dreams in stone and not get off track, I think it is a time to be open to all the new possibilities life has in store and if a new path shows itself, then go for it.

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